How Can Therapy Help Me?

Whether you are seeking therapy to address a sudden change in your life, or for personal growth and self exploration, it is sometimes challenging to ask for help. Family and friends may not know how to cope with what you are going through which may cause you to feel alone. Perhaps you have struggled with a particular problem for years.

Whatever brings you to seek therapy at this time, it is important to know that I can provide you with education, support and guidance. Therapy can help you enhance your coping skills for issues such as anxiety and depression, stress, grief, relationship issues, low self esteem and confidence. It can help you define and reach your goals for wellness.

What Can I Expect At A Counseling Session?

The first few sessions are a time for your therapist to learn about you and your issues and to establish a connection. You will be encouraged to talk openly and honestly about what is bothering you and about the problems with which you would like help. Each session lasts approximately 45 minutes and weekly sessions are generally best. How long therapy will last is dependent on your treatment…and everyone’s treatment is different. It depends on a variety of factors; you might have complicated issues or a fairly straightforward problem that you’d like to address. Sometimes therapy is short term, and sometimes it can be longer.

If you don’t know your goals for therapy, that’s okay. You and I will explore what they are and together we will then establish a direction to begin therapy. Goals can change and so can the direction of therapy.

What Are The Benefits Of Therapy?
Talking about your problems with a therapist who is supportive and caring can make you feel better and therapy can be very healing. Therapy is different than talking with a friend because a therapist is objective and is professionally trained to listen and who can help you get to the root of your problems, overcome emotional challenges, and make positive changes in your life. The more you use the process of psychotherapy and try to put what you learn into practice, the more you tend to benefit.

Some benefits may include:

  • Resolution of the issues and concerns that brought you to therapy
  • Coping skills to address sudden or long standing stress, anxiety, panic, depression
  • Clearer and more in depth understanding of yourself
  • Identifying what it is you want and need
  • Defining personal goals
  • Development of better relationship skills
  • Getting “unstuck” from unhealthy and self defeating patterns
  • New ways to solve old problems and patterns
  • Improving self esteem and self confidence
Are My Therapy Sessions Confidential?

Generally, communications between you and your therapist are confidential. Client information is not disclosed without written permission. Some exceptions to the rule include:

– Suspected child abuse or dependent adult or elder abuse – Therapists are required by law to report this to authorities immediately

– When a client is threatening serious bodily harm to another person(s) – Therapists must notify the police and inform the intended victim.

– If a client intends to harm him or herself – Therapist will make every effort to enlist their cooperation to make sure they are safe. If the client does not cooperate, additional steps may be taken without their permission to ensure their safety.

What Are The Fees And Policies?

There is a free 15 minute phone consulation available to new clients who call for an appointment.

Fees and copays are due at time of service.

If you are using your insurance coverage, please note that I am in network for many insurance companies. I will bill your insurance company directly or provide you with a receipt for insurance carriers for which I am considered out of network.

For your convenience, I accept cash checks Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Please note that 24 hours advance notice is required for a session cancellation. You may leave a voicemail 24/7 if you need to cancel and reschedule. Fees and Copays are due at time of service.

How Can I Schedule An Appointment?

Please call me at (631) 352-0225 or contact us online using our Initial Consultation Form.

I will make every effort to return your phone call the same day (usually within a few hours), and I can typically accommodate new clients within a day or two.

Specializing In

  • Anxiety & Stress Management
  • Alleviating Depression
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Bereavement and Loss
  • Relationship Conflict
  • Life Transitions
  • Work and Life Balance
  • Self Esteem

Call now to schedule a confidential consultation or for more information.